Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Wholeness of Education

Why do intelligent 10th graders who have been taking math for the last 11 years, who know that they need an 85% to pass a particular series of tests, show their English teacher a paper marked
  • 19/20 and ask, “Did I pass?”
  • 15/20 and declare, “I passed!”

I heard both these sentences on Thursday. I hear many similar ones every year during this particular unit. 

What have we educators done to persuade children that it is the done thing to access only certain skills, facts, vocabulary, and ways of thinking in certain classes? To teach them that education is not all connected--a way of life?

I don’t know....But Monday’s mini-lesson in THIS world literature class will not be on misplaced modifiers as planned; it will be on percentages, proportions, estimation, and why that matters in English.

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